New Straitsville, Ohio, is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Perry County. Part of the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio. Perry County is a gem of beauty, wilderness, people and rich history.

Specifically, Ohio has over 1,000 sightings of the big man himself and many of those are right here in Perry County and New Straitsville.

If Bigfoot has a home, it would be New Striatsville Ohio.

If Bigfoot came to a town and grabbed a slice of pizza or a coke, it would be right here.

So in 2021, we decided to set up camp here and pay homage to the Big Man himself.

Explore the beautiful surroundings of the Wayne National Forest and the many areas of Bigfoot (a.k.a. Sasquatch and Grassman) sightings.

If you love the outdoors, adventure, ATVs, great food and good times, please join us!


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While you’re here, why not take a guided ATV tour on the scenic Wayne National Park Trails? Guided hiking tours are also available.

We are currently offering half-day (9am – noon) and full-day (9am – 3 pm) guided ATV tours on the beautiful Wayne National Trails. Look for themed tours, i.e. photography and overnight camping tours, to be listed soon. ATVing not your thing? No problem! We offer guided hiking tours as well.

Bring the team for a corporate outing with team-building activities.


Our Polaris ATV rentals are family-friendly and designed to be safe, fun and exciting for everyone! Well, almost everyone…

Safety is our number one priority and we won’t tolerate unsafe riding behavior. We want to protect our customers and our equipment. So, rules are strictly enforced by our staff. Bigfoot ATV is a family-friendly adventure tour… it’s not a “Baja” style race.

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