Mt. Airy Beef
& Food Truck

Address: 3791 Cooperriders Rd NE
Somerset, Ohio 43739
Address: (740) 605-9522

Texas Longhorn and Black Angus beef – retail sales available by appointment at the farm.
Beef served at the Mt. Airy Beef food truck is all raised on the farm.

Perry County is rich in natural scenery, businesses and people. The Texas Longhorns at Mt. Airy Beef add to that unique Perry County experience.

Marvin and Kathleen Carpenter established Mt. Airy Beef in 1965. Ben and Katrina Carpenter have maintained the continuous operation of cattle on the rolling Perry County hills.

The Carpenters developed the Mt. Airy Beef brand as they evolved their farm into a sustainable grass cow / calf operation. Both Ben and Katrina spent a career in agriculture / natural resources and conservation.

Their practices have brought soil erosion rates on the farm to near zero while raising their Texas Longhorn and Black Angus Cattle. They market their beef through their Mt. Airy Beef Food Truck, and offer direct sales to customers.

All Mt. Airy Beef is born and pasture-raised on the Carpenter’s family farm, 100% grass-fed, with:

No Growth Hormones
No Feed Additives or Animal By-Products
No Antibiotics

Beef from grass-fed cattle is lower in overall fat and saturated fat, higher in omega-3 fats, with four times more vitamin E.
The meat is higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – a nutrient that may lower cancer risk.

Retail sales are available by appointment at the farm. To schedule a beef or half beef for processing email or call (740) 605-9522.

The Carpenter’s Mt. Airy Beef Food Truck has been serving up favorites like The Original, Swiss Mushroom and Western Steak Burgers at festivals and special events since 2012. Their beef franks and bologna are unique and awesome – no mystery meat here! All beef sold at the truck comes from their farm. Look for Mt. Airy Beef Food Truck at your favorite southeast Ohio events!

Coming in 2023…

Mt. Airy Outdoor Adventures is a new, curated outdoor and off-road tours adventure experience the Carpenters will be launching.  Learn more…

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